Friends of the Library


Closed Sunday & Monday
Tuesday 9AM - 7PM
Wednesday 9AM - 5PM
Thursday 9AM - 7PM
Friday 9AM - 5PM
Saturday 9AM - 2PM


Contact Us

722 Main Street, PO Box 940
Bridgeport, NE 69336
Phone: 308-262-0326
Fax: 308-262-1412

Friends of the Library are a group of citizens in the community who have a common concern for their library. They are interested in a closer relationship between their library and the public it serves. Friends of the Library create public interest in the library. They are active volunteers who are independently organized to support, promote, improve, and expand their local library. The Friends of the Library and the library board of trustees functions are not the same and cannot be treated as such by either group. Informed Friends groups and trustees working cooperatively with and through the library director can be of valuable assistance in the total public relations effort of the library. 

MEETINGS ON 3RD Tuesday OF EACH MONTH 6:00 pm @your library. Contact the library (262-0326) or a Friend of the Library

---- Nebraska Library Commission

Amy Widener, President
Patti Dean, Secretary
Beverly Devrous, Treasurer

What Are Friends of the Library?