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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of seven members, appointed by the Mayor and City Council for a three-year term. Members of the Planning Commission must be owners of or tenants in real property in the City of Bridgeport and be qualified electors of the City, with the exception that one (1) member must be from the extra-territorial zoning jurisdiction of the city.

The purpose of the Planning Commission is to prepare a development plan for the City, to receive and make recommendations on public and private proposals for the development and to prepare and administer planning regulations. The Planning Commission is authorized to prepare and adopt a land use plan, a community facilities plan, a master street plan and such other plans affecting the general welfare of the City.

The Planning Commission is also responsible for reviewing and recommendng to the Mayor and City Council all rezoning, conditional use and home occupation requests, as well as proposed subdivisions.

The Planning Commission meets once every three months at an advertised time at the Prairie Winds Community Center, 424 Main Street. The official proceedings of all regular, special, and emergency meetings of the Planning Commission are posted below.

A List of Comprehensive Plans follows; an Original Copy is kept on file at City Hall and is available for a fee; due to the memory size of the scanned 1971 Comprehensive Plan it has two files to down load for you:

1971 Comprehensive Plan: First Half & Second Half.

2000 Comprehensive Plan - This electronic version is missing some Visual Aids.

2012 Comprehensive Plan - Check Back Regularly to get an update on its progress


AGENDA 05/06/2013


Board Members
   Jane Oliver

   Susan Myers

   Tami Franklin

   Terri Green

   Jason Schmunk